The Place

Skuyö is an Old Norse name for Skye – meaning ‘cloud isle.’ The Isle of Skye sees its fair share of cloudy weather, in any season. But surrounded by simple, elegant luxury, at Skuyö you can feel cosy and calm in your very own island sanctuary, whatever the weather.

Drink in the mesmerising view, immerse yourself in the outdoor hot tub or enjoy a slow wander to the nearby pub, where you can linger with the locals.  This is a place to take life just as you find it – come rain, hail or shine.

Did you know that the Vikings were early adopters of the ‘hot tub?’ With access to water from hot springs, the Vikings were known to bathe in tubs of hot water, in the ‘andyri’ or porch. We guess decking hadn’t been invented back then…

The Island

The Isle of Skye has a long history of Norse influence and is believed to have once been a very important meeting place. In fairly recent times both an old Viking boatyard and a hoard of Viking silver have been discovered on the island, indicating that it was a place where wealthy Viking powerhouses converged to gather and spend time. In fact over 85% of the place names on Skye having roots in Old Norse language.

Your Hosts

Hosts Matthew and Rebecca have tastefully combined the history of Skye and their own love of Scandi design with examples of local Skye art and craftsmanship.

Matt says: “We want to make people feel cosy, surrounded with good things and create a sense of quiet comfort. They will leave feeling calm, content and connected to each other and to nature.”

Rebecca says: “The soft palettes and clean lines found in Scandi interior design reflect the simple, restful way of life you will find here on Skye. So it was a natural choice to borrow from the elegance of Scandi style when creating the Skuyö brand.

Matt and I invite you to come and rest your mind and body in simple, elegant luxury here at Skuyö. Feel close to nature and each other, take life just as it comes and immerse yourself in the relaxing break you deserve.”

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Scandi Style Luxury Lodge Skye with Hot Tub